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"Yede Thumbi Haaduvenu",

Geeta Namana to Rashtrakavi

G.S Shivarudrappa

Presentation By:

Dr.H.S Venkatesh Murthy

Singing By:

Sri Shankar Shanbhag

Date:12-Jan-2014, Sunday

Timing: 5.30PM to 7.30PM

Kavya Sangeetha Gurukula,
Sri Anananth Nagar,
19th Cross, 4th Main, Electronic City,



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             We all owe something back to the Society we live in, the Society that has shaped us - SAATVIKA is a group of like minded individuals  who have come together to do their bit for the Society that we live in. The Medium we have chosen is Kavi/Kavya Sangeetha (Music with Good Poetry),  A medium where the literary essence of poetry is delivered through Soulful music. We believe Music cannot be just a source of entertainment - when clubbed with good literature It is powerful medium that can inspire/transform lives. It feeds the soul and can shape good cultural and moral values in the Society.


             Driving this Vision for us is Sri. Shankar Shanbhogue, one of the renowned artists of our state. We are grateful to Sri. Jagadish Chandra Kamath (Renowned Lawyer & Co Founder of Kamath & Kamath Co) who is the backbone of our Foundation and dignitaries like Dr. H. S Venkatesh Murthy, Dr. Santosh Guruji, Dr. N. S Lakshmi Narayana Bhatta, Sri. Birur Lakshman Rao, Smt. Jayashree Aravind who have time and again lent their valuable time, encouraged and joined hands with the many events organized by the foundation.